What Are The Essential Tools For A House Painter?


Unfortunately, in the greater Montreal area, many people improvise themselves as painters without having the tools that would allow them to do a high-quality painting job. How do you know if your house painter will do a good job, up to your expectations? A good hint is to ask him what tools he uses. Here is a list of the essential tools of the professional building painter.

Essential tools of the painter

To be a good house painter, it is not enough to have a CCQ skill card, to master certain techniques and to have a lot of willpower; some tools are essential for painters who want to do quality work.

The paint sprayer

The paint sprayer, commonly known as a paint spray gun or paint gun , is the preferred tool for almost all exterior painting projects. It lets us do the job fast, and it gives nice results. However, the paint sprayer is very expensive: it sells between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000 depending on the type of gun you need (without air or large caliber), the type of paint used and the size of your project.

The pressure washer

A pressure washer is an essential tool for painting outdoor surfaces. Often, the exterior walls need to be washed as they accumulate dust, old peeling paint, stains of lime or other dirt caused by acid rain. Inner painting, on the other hand, will not require surface washing since these are usually clean enough for the new paint to adhere well. However, we recommend scrubbing ceilings that have been yellowed by cigarette smoke or blackened by other chemicals.

The electric sandblaster

Pickling, sandblasting and scraping is used primarily on the exterior surfaces of metal and wood. For PVC, often pressure deep cleaning and manual scraping will be sufficient. Masonry is generally not required unless there is a major defect in the starting surface.

The brush and the roller

There are tons of brushes and rollers on sale in all hardware stores. We buy his brushes and rolls directly from Benjamin Moore. I advise you to go there and ask your questions to the clerk. Personally, I prefer 3-inch PolyMaster angular paintbrushes. I explain why here . For rolls, I mostly use Nour’s 13 mm thick rolls. To learn more about the differences in use of Nour rollers, click here .

Elevation equipment

Not all painters offer the service of exterior painting in height. However, if you require to have a cornice, soffits, lintels, a roof, or a wall of more than one floor painted, it will be necessary to have access to a lifting platform. Wearing the safety harness is also mandatory at all times, and wearing the construction helmet is required in some cases.

Paint products

Obviously, an experienced painter does not use a single kind of painting. He must know the existence of a wide range of products and know which ones to use for which project. The most common products used by the house painter include: plaster, stucco, caulking, latex paint, acrylic paint, paint primer, interior paint, exterior paint, anti-corrosion paint etc. There are also different finishes (matte or glossy) for each interior paint.

Our professional painters have an excellent knowledge of the different finishes and they use the best paint products on the market. Use a team of certified building painters for quality results!


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