Window Painting


Our Firm has been painting window frames for many years. Whether your windows are single or multiple, whether your frames are made of aluminum or PVC, we have the solution to help you.

What is a curtain wall?

A curtain wall is an exterior wall consisting mainly of windows, or rows of windows. They are often found in Montreal on corporate buildings such as office towers and skyscrapers, but also on condo buildings.

The window walls are composed of three parts: the millions, the spandrels and the windows. Mullions are frames that hold windows in place and divide windows. Panels are horizontal or vertical lines between windows. At your request, our experts paint the coating (eardrums) and frames (millions), taking care to protect your windows.

Curtain walls are often made of aluminum for commercial buildings and PVC for residential buildings. Contrary to popular belief, aluminum and PVC are materials that can be painted.

Methodology For Painting Windows

We usually use 100% acrylic paint for this kind of projects. This paint is not only very adherent on most surfaces, but it is also more malleable and resistant to the weather: it does not crack under the sun or the frost.


When conditions permit, the spray paint method (also known as “spray painting”) is a priority. Do not worry, we take the time to properly cover your windows to protect them from droplets and paint slides. If you can not use a sprayer, you can choose to use brushes and rollers.

The Benefits Of Curtain Wall Painting

Repainting your curtain wall offers several benefits. Let’s mention durability: an exterior wall that is regularly serviced will last 20% longer than an unmaintained wall. The aesthetic improvement is not negligible: for a fraction of the price (about 5% of the value of the building), your building will find a new aspect. This is good for your brand image and the reputation of Parker painters with their customers.

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